The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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 Gravel grind turns Epic today!

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Doug Long


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PostSubject: Gravel grind turns Epic today!   Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:26 pm

I decided I'd go and check out the gravel grinder route this morning before it got too hot.
As many times as I've been up and down that stretch (or should I say stench) of 190, you'd think it would kick into my mind that it has flooded the low areas.
I went out with the idea that I'd check out what was available and not muddy.
I rode down the service road to where it crosses a small bridge and starts the dirt road section. Whoa, not today. It had a wet slime that would have balled my tires up in heartbeat. This section is a couple of days away from drying out.
I turned around and rode back to the highway, headed west and accessed the first gravel road I came to and headed south to the bottoms. When I finally reached the bottoms and crossed the levy, I was ready to see nothing but mud but the dirt roads were drying out and I could dodge around most the muddy sections. I picked up my bike where it was "mucked" out. This is a couple of days off from drying also. I proceeded and was kinda into the epic nature of the ride as I wheelie hopped some of the ruts and weaved in and out of muddy spots and ruts.
The all of a sudden there it was. A big pool of water that was backed up. I could see the contour of the land and figured I'd get in to my knees. I hoisted my bike up, cross style and started into the water. I could see that I was in line for the road but dang, it was getting deeper. I was about half way across and it was up to me waist and I had my bike hiked a little higher. I finally exited the water with clean shoes. What concerned me was this is a place where there is never water. The crossing I generally have to ford is coming up over a steep climb and then drop crossing a creek. I was ready to see it over my head. But, to my surprise, as I came over the top of the ridge and could see down in the creek, it was running swift but was actually much lower than it normally is. It was a great little gravel crossing. I figure all the swift water must have washed out what ever had been backing it up. Once you cross this ford, the road is gravel, or paved, all the way to Lock Springs.
I wanted to ride the "short route" so I headed north right before Sampsel and then accessed 190 and back tracked to the first gravel road heading north. It's flat until you get to Penniston's farm, then get ready to climb. Lots of steep rollers that take momentum. More climbing until the last downhill to route Y and back to the start.
I'll have the route tweaked by Thursday as we may have to avoid any areas that are still drying out. I've got alternate routes that are gravel if things don't dry out. This route is in the 25 mile range depending on reroutes.
It was a great way to get my morning started!
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PostSubject: Re: Gravel grind turns Epic today!   Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:58 am

sounds like fun. I will be in tulsa this thurs. Will prol try to meet you and rolph wed morning. looking for any other riding or running opportunities. I think I am going to see dan @ route 66 while I'm in tulsa. If anyone is ever going on a run or ride and would like some company give me a call on my cell 816 500 6622. I'm trying to lose 20 to 25 lbs by OCT 15!!
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Gravel grind turns Epic today!
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