The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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 Not Tubeless Option

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PostSubject: Not Tubeless Option   Not Tubeless Option Icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2009 3:31 pm

I run tubeless on my full suspension bike but I have not converted my single speed over to tubeless yet and probably won't for a while. I was thinking about adding some stans in between my tire and tube for some added protection but I read some where that somone had used a syringe and added the sealant into their tube and let the sealant seal the needle hole and then had the sealant working from the inside. I guess for that matter you could put a small patch over the hole to make sure it was sealed.

Looking for some input from you guys, what do you think? And no I'm not ready to convert it over yet....I know that would be easiest but I'm looking for cheaper right now, if I would quit buying bikes I could do it.....but I don't see that happening right now.
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Not Tubeless Option
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