The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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PostSubject: Hooked!!!!   Hooked!!!! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 24, 2009 6:06 pm

Hooked!!!!! Headed out to Poosey yesterday after work, got there and they had alot of rain that we didnt get back in the city!!! We decided to head to north poosey and ride the gravel roads. Had a blast. 1st time off the pavement. My downhills on loose gravel made me a bit edgy because Im not 100% comfortable yet on "Sugar", but im sure it will come around. Got back to the parking lot and headed thru the fields to 17. Didnt look to wet so we took off. Now Im really having a blast.....everything was going great til we came upon a crossing with a very steep climb on the other side. As I approach coach yells "dont hesitate, dont hesitate!!!" Im guessing I must have hesitated because when I landed on the other side i fell back into the ditch into a big pile of rocks....nice!!! Re-group and notice i have a flat....i still think thats why I didnt make it up the other side, coach still thinks I hesitated!!! Got tire fixed and got rolling again. All in all I had a blast.....its so nice and peaceful out there!!!! Looking forward to getting back out.....we pulled back into the parking lot right at dark and was loading up when coach mentioned that he had 4 sets of lights!!!! lol!
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