The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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 Bicycle Joke!

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Doug Long


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PostSubject: Bicycle Joke!   Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:12 pm

While crossing the US-Mexican border on his bicycle, the man was
stopped by a guard who pointed to two sacks the man had on his
shoulders. "What's in the bags? ", asked the guard.

"Sand," said the cyclist.

"Get them off - we'll take a look," said the guard.

The Cyclist did as he was told, emptied the bags, and proving they
contained nothing but sand, reloaded the bags, put them on his
shoulders and continued across the border.

Two weeks later, the same thing happened. Again the guard demanded to
see the two bags, which again contained nothing but sand. This went on
every week for six months, until one day the cyclist with the sand
bags failed to appear.

A few days later, the guard happened to meet the cyclist downtown.

"Say friend, you sure had us crazy ", said the guard. "We knew you
were smuggling something across the border. I won't say a word - but
what is it you were smuggling? "

"Bicycles! "
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Bicycle Joke!
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