The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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 Parking Lot #17 to "Bottom Hollow Road"

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Doug Long


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PostSubject: Parking Lot #17 to "Bottom Hollow Road"   Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:41 am

I just completed 3 days of work trimming trail from #17 to Bottom Hollow Road. I did the "super manicure" using the DR in the open field then passing through with the weedeater and trimming the tread in.

I used the weedeater instead of the wheeled trimmer on the section all the way through to Bottom Hollow, trimming vegetation way back for site lines and to remove any of the small growth from the corridor.

By working after all the rain, I got to see where all the weeps are active and any of the areas of trail holding water. This is a great time to walk through with a Rogue Hoe and de-berm or trench to move water off the trail. As soon as it dries, I'll be ready to rip it at IC.

Can't wait to have others see what my 3 days of work were all about! Now I'm ready to add some improvements.
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Parking Lot #17 to "Bottom Hollow Road"
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