The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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 Finally did it

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PostSubject: Finally did it   Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:55 pm

Since Chillciothe Parks Dept " bought" back the rights to the Chillciothe Brunswick line I have been wanting to ride it. The rail runs along just about a mile North and East of my place, so today I finally gave it ride. Started on the tracks and ties and rode north to Sydenstrickers where the rails are in pretty good shape and then turned around to ride the full extent. The ties and rails are all stripped from the intersection of 244 and 261 on east. Some major washed out sections, lots of rail bridges in poor to fair shape, some bushwacking, mud, and all in all an incredible ride. Finished about half-Chillicothe to Sumner-and rode the Mt bike back on the highway. Excellent day out and some great pictures. I will have to find another day to finish it before the weeds get much higher.

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Doug Long

Doug Long

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PostSubject: Re: Finally did it   Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:46 am

James and I rode the section south of Meadville over to the crossing at Medicine Creek. Lots of interesting bridge crossings that require some plank hopping. We have also ridden the section from south of Meadville to Sumner, but that was about 3-4 years ago and much of that is grown over or has sections that have been washed out.

Lots of bushwhacking and log jumping, etc.... Yes, this would be cool if it could become reality, although I have to think it would be a maintenance nightmare in all the low areas. Also, my guess is the 4 wheelers would be all over it and enforcement could be an issue.

My guess is we will have a trail build around IC before the rail to trail ever sees daylight. And really that is too bad as it could be a draw to the area and could also encourage locals to use it for fitness. It needs to start in town by the Wabash and head both directions. Problem with that is the city wants to keep the rails in tack for possible future commercial reasons. I guess $$$$ seem to be directing this project more than anything.

We've lost lots of possible Rail to trail opportunities in this area. Much has to do with water crossings and property owners wanting to reclaim right of way. Some property owners also fear public will trespass.

Just my opinion. Sure would like to hear others.
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Finally did it
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