The best mountain biking in north central Missouri

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 GG conditions Jan. 17

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Doug Long

Doug Long

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GG conditions Jan. 17 Empty
PostSubject: GG conditions Jan. 17   GG conditions Jan. 17 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 2:52 pm

I got out for a little GG action and started on Budweiser road passing through the aggie flats. All seemed well at first as the service was dry from the warmer temps and wind. I got back a little farther and started encountering areas where the soil was soft and balled up the tires. After clearing my tires, I was getting a good "cross' workout as I rode what was dry and ran what was muddy. This was the case all the way till I accessed the road that dropped down to the bottoms and got on the gravel LIV 532. These roads are smooth in the tracks with any sizeable gravel in the middle. Pretty fast riding like on concrete. I road LIV 532 west to State Hwy N and then over to LIV 511 and then 190 east back to 511 and then past Charlies and kept climbing all the way to the junction LIV 516 and then east crossing LIV 515. 516 all the way up to Rt. A. Be aware of 3 dogs at the Skpper house (Duke and Harley) as they will run out. Rt. A to LIV 533 from Spring Hill down to LIV 520 to Rt. Y. Y to 190 and then home. LIV 533 has 3 sets of dogs so be prepared for them to come out and greet you. They are not dogs that will attack and bite, but could run into you or in front of your bike.

Gravel is good now. Go get some.
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GG conditions Jan. 17
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